GoDaddy VPS vs. Linode

Published on: Mar 15 2013 by admin

GoDaddy offers a virtual private server in a number of sizes and speeds. It is one of the best ways, most affordable ways to get a private server without having to devote an entire server to your company. Linode is another virtual private server provider. It is a smaller company that allows for companies to come in and take a portion of the server that is quarantined from the rest. This allows you to protect your data from corruption while still getting the power and the speed of a large server. It is much safer than using a general hosting site and often more reliable. There are a number of positive to both brands, it mostly depends on what your company needs and what you prefer.

GoDaddy is a Name You Know

GoDaddy has built one of the biggest conglomerations on the web of web hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated private servers. This means they have the resources to help you program and troubleshoot whatever program you decide to go with. GoDaddy has an extensive reach and a number of different price points so that you can find the one that fits your business model best. It is a trusted name across the marketplace and one that is recognizable to clients. In general, it tends to be the preferred outlet. You can choose a size that works for you of varying RAM, storage and bandwidth. It works for most types of businesses and provides you with 24/7 customer support so you don’t have to worry about your website going down at a crucial moment.

Linode, Trusted and Smaller

Just like your business, Linode is a more boutique type of server center. The smaller option tends to give you fewer choices when it comes to size and speed but the reliability marks for Linode are still quite high. The goal here is excellent customer service. For this, the service costs significantly more than GoDaddy. While you will be paying more, you tend to get a more instant response and you get higher quality servers and protections against internet predators. Some companies with more sensitive information prefer this service over the more well-known and more targeted service of GoDaddy.

It’s All About You

Both companies can give you what you need when it comes to a virtual private server. You can get the speed and space you need in order to run your website effectively. They offer transfer options to go to a true dedicated server should you ever need to go that route. Both companies offer customer service and both companies want you to be satisfied. Knowing all of this means it really comes down to you and the company that you like best.

After considering what you need and why you need it, get in touch with the customer service department to see what they recommend. If you are having someone build your site, ask what they need and if they have a preference. Sometimes you can save yourself money by keeping the hours you pay your designer down due to their familiarity with the program and the platform, and the more seamless transition the better for your website.

GoDaddy and Linode have developed great reputations. They work hard to make sure their servers are safe and that the space that they make in the “virtual” server world is completely locked off from other information on the server. This gives you the ultimate in protection against bugs, hackers and other problems. You are able to choose the space you need and you can adjust the speed and size with ease.

The reason to go with a virtual dedicated server is to save yourself from having to purchase all the hardware and maintain it yourself. You will be able to have the latest equipment for the same flat fee you have always paid. That means your website will be up to speed and you will have little to no lag time. This leads to happy customers and a growing business model that easily translates into pleased employees and clientele. Check with your IT person and move forward with the service that they are most comfortable with.

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